The power of Jesus cross and his blood for Homosexual Offender.

1corinthians6-9-13 Whenever some one believes in Jesus his/her homosexual sins become past tens to God.

That is good news to you who are weak, helpless and hopeless.

Jesus forgives, washes,set you apart for him and declare you innocent of the sin the moment you trust his love for you that her demostrated by dying on the Cross.

It does not matter how guilty and sin full you feel. when you receive Jesus he will give you :QUALIFICATION TO ETERNAL LIFE, HE WILL DELIVER YOU AND TRANSFER YOU TO ANOTHER KINGDOM and that is of Christ the son God the father loves col1:12-13 Wooow. Take this benefit of God for you today. psalm103:103:2 Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits-.

You see God pleads with us not to miss his benefit for us. All that God is , is for you and me and Jesus gives us qualifaction to them.colosian1:12.

Saving Others .

Saving others is not an option. Why do we view it as such? What can turn the tide so the Church can be effective in the harvest that awaits her?

We are inviting you for our community fellowship and breaking of bread organise in the home of our recent witchdoctor who gave his life to Jesus . this is our attempt to show love to the lost soul within our community. Acts 5:42,

Come with your neighbour,children and witness the power of Love that Jesus has lavished on us. Remember there will be enough food for us all. Acts4:32

God’s seriousness about our well being. Hebrews2:4

It’s amazing that God is proving his Name Emmanuel by performing signs and wonders these days.

Yesterday again a man who has moved to many which doctors offering cows, sheep, goat and visiting any herbalist he hears can help him, handed over for burning his many herbs that the which Doctors gave him for us to burn. He confessed his sins and receive Jesus as his Lord and

saviour thanks to the Holy Spirit he is becoming real in the ministry of the Cross of Jesus.